Packing Dishes – How To Pack Dishes Into Boxes

Packing dishes is just another tedious step of the moving process. By applying proper techniques, packing your entire kitchen can be done within a few hours. Our readers also found the article on how to pack pictures and mirrors very helpful. The information below is a standard in the moving industry and in my opinion the best way to pack dishes.

Great places to buy new packing material for dishes are Home Depot or Lowe’s (best price). Other places to get these items are from local box stores, U-haul, Public Storage, and directly from the moving company.

Packing materials for dishes needed:
  • Double-walled heavy duty dish pack boxes
  • Packing Paper
  • Tape
  • Tape Gun or scissors (optional)
  • Markers and Labels

*Green Packing Tip – Use towels and linens in place of packing paper for a sustainable move. For other green moving tips visit our green moving tips article.

  1. When learning how to pack dishes, it is important to create a clean and organized work station. Great places are dining room tables, large kitchen islands, and large fold out tables. Lay flat a large stack of packing paper on your working surface.
  2. Make your first box by opening it up and sealing one side with tape. Apply at least 3 pieces of tape tightly on the seam. I like to add one last piece of tape around the box to keep the ends from peeling up.
  3. Wad up a few pieces of packing paper and layer the bottom of the box.
  4. Place one dish flat on the stack of paper and fold the corners of a few pieces of paper over the dish. Place another dish on top of the last and continue for about 3-5 dishes. This applies for packing plates, bowls and other similar items.
  5. Wrap the whole stack with a few more pieces to create a large secure bundle of dishes. Place the dishes vertical in the box and continue until the entire box is snug full with dishes.
  6. Add one more layer of wadded up paper on the very top to secure the pack. Tape the box closed with 3 pieces of tape and a last one around the top to secure the edges of the tape down.
  7. Mark your box on the sides with a descriptive label. Include on the label the contents and room it belongs in. This is so the movers can take it to its final destination. You can either write directly on the box or use labels.

If done correctly, you should not feel any movement in the box. If there is movement then consider adding more wadded paper or dish bundles.

Packing dishes for moving may seem like an all day task, but with a proper setup and technique packing your entire kitchen can be done in a few hours.

This is just one basic way to pack plates and other kitchen dinnerware for moving. These packing tips are the standard for quick and efficient moving and packing fragile items before moving in. The safety of your goods is based on how well you or the mover packs the breakables. Packing for long distance moving or long term storage takes a little more attention to detail for a safe transport.

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Author: Timothy Patrick

An online business owner that specializes in household and office moving.

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  1. Packing dishes is not an easy job but with the right approach during the packing you can do a very good job. I would also add that if you wish to save some money you can use newsprint. If you go to the local newspaper and ask they may have some defect newsprint which they will throw away anyway. Newspaper is also an option but you need to be ready for some stains that the ink tends to leave.
    You can optimize the packing not just of dishes but also in general, the packing of your house, by introducing colors. Pick a color for every room and use a marker with the corresponding color to label the boxes. That way you save time as you don't have to write on every box "kitchen" or "bedroom". And then before you begin unloading you can just place a colorful sheet of paper by the door and you can easily see which box goes where.
    During a relocation there's lots to do so even something as little as this will save you time. You know what they say - "Work smart, not hard!"


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